Choral Leader

Liz is an experienced choir leader, directing workshops and projects for national charities and arts organisations, university vocal ensembles and multiple community and school choirs.

The thrill of performing, the sense of community and the excitement a choir can bring to an audience continues to inspire her work as a vocal leader and choral educator. Liz loves to explore the creativity of group singing and is particuarly inspired by Jim Daus Hjernøe’s concept of ‘Intelligent Choir‘ and Voice Painting (VOPA).


Inspired by groups like Vocal Line (Denmark), Perpetuum Jazzile (Slovenia) and New York Voices (USA), Liz set up XL a cappella group SOUND to challenge perceptions of choral singing in the UK, and provide an outlet for exciting choral arrangers and composers that would otherwise be overlooked by traditional music publishers.

Formed in 2013 from 30 amateur vocalists, the group has gone on to perform at the London A Cappella festival, headline with the Swingle Singers and perform at London’s Purcell Rooms, as well as performing with Strictly Come Dancing’s Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe on their 2016 UK tour.

Choir With No Name

Liz is a trustee of the charity that runs choirs for people affected by homelessness. Founded in 2008, they now run four choirs, in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Brighton. Liz directed the North London Choir With No Name for four years and what she learned from the members there has directly influenced her work ever since.

Their performances have gone from strength to strength, from modest beginnings in a small pub in South London to the Southbank Centre, the Young Vic, Union Chapel, BBC Radio, ITV’s This Morning and The Roundhouse. Their long term aim is to establish a choir in all cities with a homelessness problem. 

Workplace Choirs

Music can inspire anyone, regardless of ability; it can also create an environment in which people can develop new skills, build confidence and develop teamwork.

Liz has directed workplace choirs at the Guardian Newspaper and Comic Relief, and has also worked for Music In Offices. An experienced workplace musician, Liz has seen first-hand how choirs and music in the workplace can be a great stress reliever and a great way to increase participation in a workforce, via her corporate workshops for Choir With No Name.